“There are no adequate words to phrase our ‘THANKS’ to all of you so dear.”

“To all of you so dear, Your true care, Utmost devotion, Selfless love, All of your honest dedication and work Is what is reflected in [our daughters] contentness and growth, Thank you…….. For patiently and expertly treating my daughter with warmth and sunshine, I cannot and will not ever know what you do, and all that goes on after I bid farewell. But it’s evident on her security and positive feelings that she’s in good hands. With heartfelt appreciation”
A grateful parent
“To the most awesome staff in the world, We are ever so grateful for the most incredible work each of you do each day with so much love! Our son is so well taken care of and happy, and it all thanks to you !!!”
Mr. and Mrs. S.
“Dear Staff and Caregivers of Sunshine Nursing, Poetry and flowers could barely justice do to express our sincere appreciation to you. You take of our children with patience and love. May you be showered with bounty of blessings from above. May you continue your special work in good spirit and health and be rewarded with a life of happiness and wealth."
The Z. family
“When our son was admitted to Sunshine, we learned that Sunshine is not only here for its patients- giving them the best care possible- Sunshine is here for us as the parents and siblings of the patient, with the utmost sensitivity, so that when we are at home thinking and missing our dear child, we can rest assured that the caring staff members are doing all they could do to make our son’s life easier and more comfortable.”
Parents of SF
“I cannot put into words what it means for us that in our present situation we have a place like Sunshine for our daughter. The WARMTH we were welcomed with, the eagerness to please, the sensitivity, the food served on trays, the volunteers, and ALL the staff that SHOWED how they care so much. I want you to know that we go to sleep tonight with lighter hearts which made a difference in this challenging time.”
Parents of RG
“We have to express our appreciation for the utmost devotion and care, at this time when our dear daughter turned 1 this year. There are no adequate words to phrase our 'THANKS' to all of you so dear. Since all of you inspire us the way you really care; it’s not just the job, its all of your “Hearts So Sincere”. May all of you continue to be successful at your career.”
Parents and siblings of Frady